Student Testimonials
"My friends and I recently won third place in the Computational Technology Case Study track sponsored by the Computational Society at the AIS Student Conference in UT Dallas. At the beginning, we did not really know how to start or what should be included in the case study report, but the Computational Society was very helpful in responding to our questions promptly. Dr. Pankaj Setia was also friendly when we met him in person, which made us more comfortable presenting for our final round of the competition. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our experience researching the prompts (all of which were really interesting!), consolidating a report, and finally a presentation: this competition has greatly widened our knowledge in the realm of computational technology. For future participants, I would recommend taking up the challenge to participate in future competitions held by the Computational Society as they provide intriguing topics to research on, and they have great resources to help students."
~ Michelle Pangestu 

"Participating in 'The Computational Society Case Study Challenge' in 2018 AIS Leadership Conference was a great learning experience for me. I always felt writing case studies was a daunting task; but now I feel more confident about it, thanks to The Computational Society. I look forward to be a part of next year's challenge."
~ S M Nahian Al Sunny

"My name is Erin Ebling and I am a Management Information Systems major at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. Competing for the first time in the AIS National Competition I had no idea what to expect. My team and I chose to compete under the Computational Society’s Case Study Challenge with the prompt ‘Computational Technologies and individual Well-Being.’ Through all the long hours, hard work, and time put into our case, we placed 3rd at the National Competition. The experience as a whole was something that I could not and would not change. The study was challenging, but the world experienced and networks I gained through this process is something that will last forever."
~ Erin Ebling