Student Testimonials 2019 Case Study Challenge
"Competing in the case study challenge was a very rewarding experience, but rest assured, it certainly was a challenge. For my team, it was the first time any of us had submitted a case study. We had regular meetings, completed research, and went through several drafts before we came to our final product. However, all of that work payed off when we found out we had placed third overall. We were overjoyed! To anyone on the fence about pursuing this challenge I say to you, go for it! You will learn so much from your experience, regardless of the outcome."
~ Tristan Whaley | Clemson University 

"Participating in the Computational Society Case Study was the culminating experience of my time in the Information Systems program. I was able to put much of what I had learned during the previous semesters to use by applying machine learning concepts to the future of communication. It was amazing to dive deep into a topic that I originally knew little about, to research and document my discoveries, and to see that hard work pay off when we won the case study competition. I developed friendships with classmates and met professionals in the field. The judges, presenters, and fellow members of AIS were supportive and educational. I would highly recommend that others get involved in future competitions!"
~ Caleb Olson | Brigham Young University

"My small team and I from Clemson University had the honor of placing third in the Computational Society Case Study Challenge 2019 at Temple University. When it came to getting started on our case study, it was a little overwhelming at first. We decided to focus on how artificial intelligence could affect well-being in the future of healthcare. That being said, no one on our team had any medical background so it was a bit daunting at first. However once we got into the research and started seeing the potential in what we were looking at, the case study began to take shape in a way that we were very excited about! I know that there were a lot of really great schools that entered into the competition, so it was such a great opportunity to be chosen as finalists. I would definitely encourage other students who may be interested in the case study topics to participate. I learned a lot about technology, well-being, and communication. I also made some really great friends throughout the process!"
~ Madison Leopard | Clemson University